What happens when a nerd writes a food blog?

Cooking stories with new images

In 2005, blogs were still a hot new topic. Writing articles on the web at that time was still reserved for the daring who had no fear of contact with new technology. Shortly after that I started to get interested in this topic and since I count cooking and photography to my hobbies besides IT, I made my first steps with a food blog called “kochessenz” (the essence of cooking).

This fourth edition is not only due to the third platform change (finally the bulky Wordpress is history and I host at netlify based on Hugo). Especially the early contributions left a lot to be desired photographically - thus I decided to enhance the best articles with new images.

And so that I don’t have to repeat the production of 5 years, I decided to use AI generated images. The first attempts are promising! Little by little, I will post the best articles of my previous blog here and add the new images.

I have included a text prompt at the end of each recipe that will generate the featured image. I use mostly Midjourney 4 (for the first 100 or so, meanwhile it’s version 5. You can see it at the easier prompts and the better image quality) and Stable Diffusion to create images.


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