Apricot and Poppyseed Bruschetta

Summer weather and the fridge is almost empty! A quick snack is needed - Bruschetta would be ideal, but no tomatoes in the house?! So, the last apricots will have to do.

I toast a few slices of potato bread in butter. Then, I briefly and quickly fry the sliced apricots. I lay a bit of mixed salad with arugula and chickweed as a base on the bread, then add slices of mozzarella and the apricots. Next, I quickly prepare a pesto from roasted poppy seeds, finely chopped almonds, olive salt, arugula, and poppy seed oil. This goes on top of the mozzarella, and the snack is ready.

bruschetta made with apricots, mozzarella, rucola, poppy seeds


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