Asian Onions with Puff Pastry

Stuffed onions have long been on my list of dishes to make. Finally today I manage to purchase a large vegetable onion and with anticipation I carry it home with the other purchases. What now? I decide on a variant in which the onion is pre-cooked, since my specimen with 450 g rather belongs to the larger ones. It cooks for 45 minutes, then it is just about done. Inside just a little bit firm.

The long cooking time leaves room for thinking about the filling. 150 g ground beef I brought with me, I don’t want to use cheese. A handful of shitake mushrooms** come in handy, as well as a leftover pickled bamboo shoot. You can never go wrong with the classic soy sauce-garlic-ginger combination, I take a good amount of everything and add it to the ground meat, which I loosely sauté together with the mushrooms cut into strips. At the very end I add some chili powder and a handful of coriander herb chopped.

The onion is cooked! I quickly rinse it, which says goodbye to the outer very soft skin. Never mind, the onion is big enough. Now I cut it lengthwise and take it apart to make several boats that I can fill with the minced mixture. The inside of the onion is chopped and put into the pan for a short time.

Finally, I put slices of puff pastry in the shape of the onion on top. Now off with it into the oven preheated to 200 °. The dough needs about 20 minutes until it is crispy and browned. Then you can start. A bit unwieldy to eat, but the combination tastes good! The onion is good for a decent portion, or two smaller dishes.

puff pastry over spanish onions


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