Beetroot Soup with Curry Brussels Sprouts and Chickweed

After work - a quick dinner is needed. Luckily, I already cooked two medium sized beet tubers yesterday, so I can make good use of them now. Mmm, one of my favorite vegetables! Ahead, a quick trip to the garden. It’s already dark early again, so the herb gathering gains its own charm….

Back in the light, I get to work: 6 medium potatoes boil peeled together with a red onion (chopped) and a large clove of garlic in 1 liter of vegetable broth and a good spoon of marjoram until soft. Then I add the beet in pieces and let everything simmer a little longer. Then the magic wand ensures an even creamy soup. a little too thick it has become in the first round, as you can see in the photo. I correct this for the second round with another half liter of water.

To serve, add a bit of chowder that still wants to be prepared. I start by briefly boiling four trimmed Brussels sprouts in the soup, a few minutes only, so that they are still firm. Then I cut them into thick slices so that the stalk on each slice still holds the leaves together. Quickly sauté them in the pan along with croutons made from homemade spelt bread, sprinkle with curry powder and orange sugar and add to the soup. A handful of chickweed on top and the rice cream as a “lightener”.

Finished is a great vegan, gluten-free, and otherwise pretty healthy soup!

beetroot soup with curried brussels sprouts, with chickweed


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