Blackthorn Liqueur

It’s getting cold again! Then the blackthorn liqueur put on in September comes just right. Last year was here in Münsterland an excellent blackthorn year, many fruits were to be found and in addition quite large, easy to pick. The 4 months have done him good. The rum has taken on the blackthorn aroma well and has taken on a reddish brown color, like a good port. The almost dissolved sugar does the rest to the good taste :) Too bad, only have two bottles, and one is already almost empty….

Next year’s recipe:

  • a handful of medium candy
  • a handful of blackthorn fruit
  • brown rum 54% to fill up

Poke the blackthorns (with a blackthorn thorn, of course!), then put the rock candy, followed by the fruit, into a 0.7 l bottle. Fill up with rum. Wait 4 months. Finished!

Afterwards you can chop the fruits and put them into a butter.

selfmade blackthorn liqueur in a bottle with blackthorn fruits, brown rum, rock candy


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