Newtella 2.0

As I wrote the day before yesterday, my cream experiment still has a few weaknesses. Luckily, I still have enough acorns left to start a small series of experiments.

First, I change the beginning of the process - after the tedious peeling of the acorns (which, by the way, is easier if you blanch the acorns with boiling water), I first put the fruits at 200°C for 15 minutes on a baking sheet with parchment paper in the oven. This way, they roast a bit and create malt. This also gave me an idea for an alternative to apple juice - how about using malt beer instead of apple juice? Said and done - I set up the bulk of the roasted acorns (500 g) in one liter of spelt malt beer and then processed them as described in the recipe. For comparison purposes, I processed 200 g of acorns just in water. Now I have a malt-jelly sugar-acorn mixture and one without malt. The malt flavor has already done well, and the water variant is better than the one with apple juice. That’s progress! Another improvement resulted from using the ‘flotte Lotte’ - still laborious, but better than straining the mass through a sieve. I used the fine disc for both variants and thus get a fine puree. What now? I take a sample of the water variant without cocoa and add crushed cardamom. Very fine, even without cocoa. The same again with cocoa. Also good. And now - ta-da - I add port. Now it becomes really interesting. The cardamom samples are already looking good. For another sample, I mix the cocoa with pineapple-coconut juice (available in organic stores and a good seller for us). Also good, the pineapple tastes fine through the cocoa, and the coconut rounds it off. For the children, I make a cocoa-only version from the rest of the water version. The malt version is now stirred with a lot of cocoa, 6 good tablespoons are added. This does the mass good, better than the scant remains from last time. And with port, this variant is my favorite - chocolaty, sweet with a little acidity in the background, and with the not quite cooked off alcohol also with a little kick. Not for the kids, but that gives me an excuse that this cream is only for adults ;) I’ll keep the samples for now, it’s already late and the rest of the household is already dreaming of breakfast. So tomorrow there will be a small favorite competition, although mine, as I said, is already set ;) I don’t have any more acorns now, but next year I’ll start right away with the right recipe!

a testbed of six different petri dishes with selfmade nutella, various shades of brown


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