Pointed Cabbage Au Gratin With Pici Arrabiata

The last home-cooked meal of the year - the kitchen will stay cold from tomorrow. I still have a small pointed cabbage in the fridge, as well as 3 larger mushrooms. And an opened tomato sauce arrabiata that was used when I had to make a quick meal. What to do with it?

Pasta wouldn’t be a bad idea, so I quickly knead a small pasta dough from 100g durum wheat semolina, a pinch of salt and an egg. The dough rests for half an hour in cling film at room temperature.

Since my chicory experiments, I’ve been on a baking kick. So I cut the mushrooms into small cubes, as well as a slice of crustless gray bread. I fry both briefly in a pan, season with salt, pepper and tarragon and add as much cream as the mixture will absorb.

The pointed cabbage is cut into quarters with the stalk and blanched in boiling water for 3 minutes. Then remove, rinse, carefully squeeze out the water and place on a baking tray. Now I can remove the stalk and a few of the heart leaves so that I can add the mushroom mixture.

The cabbage can stand for a while while the oven heats up to 200° and I make pici (hand-rolled spaghetti) from the pasta dough - I’m too lazy to set up the pasta machine, so it’s quicker this way. The thick spaghetti takes longer to cook than expected - 12 minutes. However, that suits the cabbage, which is now in the oven. It bakes there for 15 minutes and gets a portion of grill heat at the end.

Quickly heat up the sauce and put it on the plates with the food. Very tasty!

few handmade thick spaghetti with tomato sauce, panko-gratineed pointed cabbage as a side dish


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